Mark Lewis

Misshapen Heads and Refrigerators

Hey, I’m Mark Lewis. Although I am by far the most interesting person I know, I’m often told that’s an opinion held by few. None the less, I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about who the heck I am and why you should care. So let’s get into it.

I was a large baby, born with a very pointy head, or so the vicious rumor would have it ….. OK, really? I understand, you’re bored, but not that bored. I’ll save this level of detail for the autobiography. Instead, for your benefit and sanity, I’ll cover just the important stuff in sound-bite-brevity.

I’ve been writing and marketing for a long time. Writing poetry. Writing song lyrics. Writing cartoon dialogue. Writing marketing copy. Creating marketing campaigns and salivating over intersting advertorial strategy and tactics (some big words there – not recommended for typical marketing purposes). Now, if you don’t believe me, you can see for your “own self” on the My Stuff page.

From The Homeless to The Bathroom

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I’ve done a bunch of business stuff too. I’ve been a licensed real estate broker for two plus decades. I’ve repaired appliances (yes, like washers and dryers and refrigerators). I ran a very large homeless shelter and helped develop housing for people suffering from HIV. I’ve been a real estate investor, buying and selling millions in residential and commercial property. I started a property management company that is still running two decades later (under different owners). I’m a licensed electrician. I’ve run a multi-million dollar, award winning, remodeling company (which is still going strong) that creates amazing kitchens, baths, and room additions for clients. There was a tax recovery business, a flyer delivery service and stuff I probably can’t (or care to) even remember. Boy, that’s a lot.

In addition to all the business endeavours, there is a strong creative side. I’m a published cartoonist (it’s a great outlet for a warped sense of humor). Song lyrics sometimes pop into my head and get committed to paper and ultimately to a demo tape (sorry, no albums or #1 hits). Most important, the creativity allows me to think a bit differently and come up with copy and marketing strategies that are often a bit left or right of center. Which in this world of “me-too” marketing, can be a real asset. The center is boring. Don’t be boring. Why would I say that? It’s boring.

What Dogs Watch on T.V.

I live in a small town half way between Chicago and Milwaukee in northern Illinois. Married for 23+ years (and counting) to my amazing wife and business partner Mary. Rounding out the family are two rather annoying yet lovable pugs who prowl the house and demand their every whim be addressed in quick fashion. This includes watching only select channels on the television (like the Food Channel, Lifetime Television, or sometimes Animal Planet). Viewing football is out (unless you like barking). They also eat on the fives. Five A.M. and five P.M. – sharp. I just can’t figure out how they can tell the time? Special tiny watches that run seven times faster than our own, I would suspect.

So, there you have it. More than you care to know, I am sure. But, I have confidence you must be reading this for a reason. Perhaps you will be investing large sums of US currency in a new marketing campaign. And you need a marketing guy who’s clever, smart, and has great hair. How perfect.